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Wescott is an international industrial multi-services provider. We provide innovative turnkey solutions across the sectors we work in, with a particular focus on energy and resources. We have made our impact through the development of specialist teams, with skill sets across the industrial fabric maintenance spectrum.

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Wescott Uses Innovative Suspended Deck System to Remediate CUI on RLPG Tank

The suspended deck system we use is up to 80% more cost-effective, 5x lighter, and 75% less bulky than traditional scaffolding. It also offers a higher factor of safety, reducing the risk of accidents and improving the quality of work. This system is designed to withstand high winds and heavy loads, making it a reliable solution for accessing hard-to-reach areas.

Case Study with details about the project

We recently completed a challenging project involving the removal and replacement of over 20 tonnes of absorption media and conducted a thorough internal vessel inspection, all while handling waste management and coordinating all necessary resources.

Wescott wins Contractor of the Year at Santos Annual Awards

Wescott was thrilled to receive the award of Contractor of the Year at Santos’s Annual Directors' EHSS Awards, held at the Adelaide Oval on Tuesday 20th April.



Rope access technician being lowered into a purifier vessel to conduct inspections,

Wescott recently completed a challenging project involving the removal and replacement of over 20 tonnes of absorption media and a thorough internal vessel inspection. The project was completed on time and within budget, and the client was extremely satisfied with the results.

The project involved the use of specialized equipment and techniques, and the Wescott team was able to successfully complete the project with Zero LTI.

Recent Shutdown  Gas Plant

Wescott were awarded the Fabric Maintenance and Scaffolding scopes of a recent shutdown for one of our valued blue-chip clients.

Remediation of Passive Fire Proofing to Bullet Tanks, Hydrocarbon Plant

Wescott successfully completed the PFP application on two bullet tanks using a small specialist rope access and PFP application team. 

Reality Capture Modelling Video

Rope Access Blaster-Painters