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Recent Shutdown  Gas Plant

Recent Shutdown Gas Plant

Wescott were awarded the Fabric Maintenance and Scaffolding scopes of a recent shutdown for one of our valued blue-chip clients.

The original scope expanded significantly upon execution and Wescott were able to increase personnel accordingly, completing scopes across various disciplines namely insulation and cladding, blasting and painting, composite wraps, inspections, scaffolding and also utilised rope access which enabled quick and safe access for emerging works.

Crew size: 60
Disciplines: Sheetmetal workers, Laggers (Cryogenic & Thermal), Blaster Painters, TAs, Composite Wrap Technicians, Rope Access Technicians
Plant Outage Period: 20 days (day and night shift)
Project timeframe in total: 13 weeks
LTI’s: 0