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Project Management

Wescott are a dynamic and flexible company, meaning we can move fast and make decisions to optimise operational efficiency and maximise outcomes for our clients.

We invest heavily in the initial phases of a project as it is our belief that forward planning leads to successful execution. 

Wescott take a collaborative approach to project management and engage with the client to ensure all levels of risk mitigation, EHSS/QA documentation, and reporting procedures meet expectation prior to project start.

Our focus on providing Efficient Project Delivery is based on:

Accessibility of Key Decision Makers – this leads to optimal responsiveness and the ability to pivot quickly as required.

Real Time Streamlined Project Reporting – provides a snapshot of project progress and key metrics as agreed between Wescott and the client.

Tailored QA Procedures and Documentation – part of the collaboration process with the client. 

Depth of Talent across Skill Sets – our depth of highly skilled operatives and technicians allows us to execute with great confidence and efficiency.

Knowledge & Experience – the ability to utilise and adapt documentation, scheduling and procedures, which have already been developed and proven allows further efficiencies.