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Industrial Coatings

Wescott provides specialist coating services in the maintenance and capital project environment to prevent corrosion of degrading surfaces or prepare piping and equipment that requires insulation.

Our consistent focus is on the application of protective coating systems that provide excellent corrosion control at the best value whilst minimising risk to workers and the environment.

Manufacturers spend countless hours and funds researching the efficacy of their products to achieve corrosion prevention in order to maintain your assets integrity. We understand the importance of correct application of a product to achieve the desired performance, and this begins in the surface preparation phase.

Our qualified specialists deliver a wide range of surface preparation and industrial blasting techniques including:
• Hand and mechanical techniques
Innovative blasting techniques such as vapor blast, spot blast
Traditional wet and dry grit blasting techniques. 

Wescott can apply specialist coating solutions including:
• Multi-component system applications
• Conventional, airless, air-assisted airless, HVLP and plural pump spray applications
• Thermally sprayed aluminium coatings
• Screed & self-levelling deck area screeds
• Tank & vessel linings

Our NACE Inspectors have the capabilities to carry out specification review, fault diagnosis and third-party inspections, and​​ monitor on-site works to ensure product application is to specification, and ready for sign off from the client.