Insulate against energy costs


Our insulation systems will help to reduce energy costs for your business

Energy represents the largest single cost of the manufacturing process outside of raw materials. It is no great surprise that conserving energy is high on most corporate agendas. 

Wescott Industrial Services Australia Pty Ltd are specialists in thermal insulation solutions. We recognise thermal insulation as a valuable investment and a tremendous asset to energy conservation/process efficiency, and understand that properly maintained insulation contributes significantly to a platforms operating profitability. 

Wescott can help to reduce these costs by installing one of our innovative insulation systems in your structure. Our goal is to deliver lasting insulation solutions from fabrication through to installation in a safe, timely and cost effective manner.

Our team of qualified technicians, have extensive experience and expertise with the provision of thermal insulation on both project work and term maintenance.

Wescott can manage all aspects of your insulation solution, from project management to carrying out surveys, CTR development, procurement for resourcing through our network of approved and tested suppliers, cost reports and projected manning levels, both on and offshore. We are the approved installers of all industry leading products and are constantly assessing key innovations and new products from manufacturers, with the focus always being on the best outcome for the client.

Our insulation services include:

  • Hot and cold applications
  • Acoustics
  • Winterisation
  • Fire protection
  • Personnel Protection
  • Metallic and non- metallic cladding finishes

We will develop the best solution for your business - guaranteed

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