Alternative Access Systems

Alternative Access Systems

Find out more about our innovative Web Netting and Suspended Decking Systems

Our team of highly trained and qualified technicians can maintain your off-shore structure by using our innovative web netting or suspended decking systems. These temporary access systems allow us to work throughout the whole structure ensuring we can assess and complete works on any scale and in any position.

Since investing in our Web Netting system, we have analysed and discovered the following:

  • It is 55% faster and cheaper to erect and install then traditional means of accessing hard to reach areas
  • Due to how the web netting is installed it is classed as ‘on board’ meaning there is no need for ERV teams or boats as per safety regulations
  • The netting system reduces the load on the steelwork of a platform as it is significantly lighter than traditional forms of scaffolding
  • Web netting is best for the underside of off shore platforms
  • It has high resilience to intense weather conditions such as high winds and waves

Our Suspended Decking System is a temporary working platform ideal for conducting works under jetties and piers, bridges, as well as under spider-decks, heli-decks and other offshore platforms.

Alternative Access Systems
  • It provides stronger kN/m2 loadings than scaffolding 
  • Designed to withstand wind speeds of 160kph+
  • Able to dismantle and re-erect quickly to ensure continuity of work and cost savings on materials. 

Click here to watch an animation of our Suspended Decking in action.

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