Core Values

Our Core Values


Safety is the most important of our core values, with strong leadership showing visible and active commitment, we believe in a personal and professional commitment to protecting the safety and health of our employees, customers, project stakeholders and the integrity of assets and facilities to ensure trouble free operations.   

Relationships & Communication

All employees, customers and any other persons effected by our operations are treated with professionalism and respect. Wescott aspire to the highest standards of ethical behaviour.  We believe in doing the right thing for our clients, employees and environment in which we operate and communication is a vital part of this. 


Wescott are continually looking for the opportunity to demonstrate our focus and ability to source and apply innovations that not only meet our client’s requirements, but also deliver additional project benefits. The benefits from innovation can vary significantly, there are those that result from substantial investment in state of the art technologies, or others that can result from minor bespoke improvements. 

Quality & Performance

Wescott focus on project delivery and ensure we meet our client’s needs and expectations with the highest quality service. We always do the right thing and strive to improve and exceed within our market in quality, service and being a reputable employer. 

Financial Responsibility

We are committed to delivering high quality, cost efficient operations which add value for the company, shareholders, employees, customers and the community in which we operate whilst achieving continuous growth and improvement.  We have a clear vision and are focused on achieving these company goals and objectives.